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"A developer's job extends beyond constructing four walls. Committed to creating unique and quality spaces, we manage one project at a time - paying attention to detail to each project ensuring we deliver our promises and provide invaluable experiences for all stakeholders who work with us"

Solid Balance was founded in 1997 with its first project being a development of four semi-detached homes at Butterworth, Penang. It was a success - having the owners live comfortably and seeing how the spaces enrich people's lives, the founders set their aim on creating unique and quality spaces for the community.


Inspired by the physical and social setting of Malaysia, we create unique residential and commercial projects informed by their surrounds, and designed to accommodate the rigours and routines of contemporary life. We have learned from those who came before us and have brought with us fresh eyes for every new project we work on. To us every single project is one of a kind. By managing one project at a time, we take part in all aspects of development from start to finish and that, gives us access to oversee the whole process to ensure our aim is always achieved. 

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